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Monday 1st April

Monday 1st April

Chris Roche will give his talk called:  "Meteorites - our messengers from the distant past".  This was to have been the March talk but had to be postponed due to illness

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A group of like minded people with an interest in Astronomy.

The group formed early in 2011 at the Far Ings Visitor Centre in the shadow of the Humber Bridge meeting every month on the first Monday.

Early in 2013 it was decided by the members to formalise the group and apply to join the Federation of Astronomical Societies (FAS).

The name of North Lincs Astro Society has been retained as that is how we have become known.

Our Twitter Feed

RT @c_thody: The Elephant Trunk Nebula. Taken the same night as the Horsehead image. 1.75 hours of exposure.
RT @c_thody: Magnified view of the Elephant Trunk Nebula
RT @c_thody: Comet Lovejoy 2014 Q2 earlier this evening.
RT @paultbird66: Comet C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy) this evening 06-01-2014, hope to catch the tail when there's no Moonlight
RT @paultbird66: @numerisphere Awful picture but shows up a bit more on this
RT @c_thody: Horsehead Nebula taken last night. 1.75 hours of exposure time.
RT @c_thody: #FLOrion15 taken from Mull in September 2013
Thank you to Keith Grice for his talk about CCD imaging at last night's meeting and for sharing his excellent deep sky images
Back to Ness End for tonight's meeting 05/01/2015 due to heating problems at Far Ings, tonight's talk CCD imaging
RT @paultbird66: Christmas eve Moon 24-12-2014, Merry Christmas everyone :-)

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