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Meeting Nights

We meet on the first Monday of the month and we can use the inside facilities from 1830 until 2100 when the centre doors are locked.  We can stay outside as long as we want and that is usually limited by the weather.  

The format of our meetings is changing from talks by the members and then going outside to do our own thing to a slightly more structured approach to cover the needs of the more experienced members and those of the less experienced.  We will still have the talk by one of the members on an astronomy related topic and Damian will still give a talk on his Constellation of the month.  At this point we hope to move outside and locate the "Constellation of the month" in the night sky with tips on star hopping and pointers on how to find the Constellation and any partiular points of interest.

We are also introducing "tip of the month" which could be anything the members bring up.  

Welcome to North Lincs Astro Society. A group of like minded people with an interest in Astronomy.  The group formed early in 2011 at the Far Ings Visitor Centre in the shadow of the Humber Bridge meeting every month on the first Monday.  Early in 2013 it was decided by the members to formalise the group and apply to join the Federation of Astronomical Societies (FAS).  We were informed on the 17 April that our application had been approved so we are now members of FAS.  The name of North Lincs Astro Society has been retained as that is how we have become known.

We start each month with a talk on the Constellation of the month presented by Damian one of our members.  Time permitting we may have a talk by another of our members on an astronomy themed topic.  We have also had a talk on Astro Imaging and hope to have visiting speakers in the future.  Weather permitting we move outside and make use of the telescopes members bring with them for observing.
Meeting times
7pm until 9pm inside the building and then outside until late, although some members prefer to spend the whole evening outside. 
Refreshments are available until 9pm when we have to vacate the rooms to allow the centre staff to lock the building up but there is no restriction on how late we stay outside.
Honorary President Paul Money FRAS
Chair Steve Berry
Vice Chair/programme Chris Roche
Secretary Revd. Charles Thody
Treasurer Damian Shipton
Membership Sarah Wullink

Simon Bench

Webmaster Andy Langford

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